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Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training
Written by Mike Abbott RoADA (Dip)   

advancedmotorcycleridertraining.jpgMotorcycle riding for many is now an extreme sport, but techniques that can be learned are equally applicable to any type of bike or rider, whether hyper sports, cruiser, tourer, casual or adventure.

Riding a modern sports bike requires an exceptional level of skill and attention to exploit the performance safely and demands exacting appropriate reactions to hazards, excellent control and great confidence. Racing a motorcycle is probably one of the most thrilling and demanding experiences, and nowadays requires total dedication and a high level of ability to be successful, such is the level of development.

Many road riders now attend track days, to experience a truly astounding level of performance.

The Police Rider’s Handbook, Roadcraft was rewritten in 1996 and outlines a safe system of riding, and is used by most advanced motorcycle training organisations. Unfortunately few riders ever seek advanced training, (even though insurance discounts can cover the cost), and so are ill prepared to handle a bike that can reach 100 mph in 1st gear in under 6 seconds. So many learn painfully, some fatally. Statistics vary, but riding a motorcycle can be up to 75 times riskier than driving a car.

To quote BIKE Magazine - ‘safety is not boring, thrill and risk are not linked; go ride a roller coaster’.

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Advanced Motorcycle Rider Training
RoSPA Advanced Residential Courses in the North Midlands, Bike Tours in Europe and New Zealand
Based in the North Midlands, ex-racer provides tours 1,2 & 3 day RoSPA advanced courses for every riders & machines, riding through the Peak & Lake Districts, Yorkshire Moors, Dales & Borders, taking in the best biking roads, staying overnight in some outstanding luxury locations.

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