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Voice Coaching
Written by Catherine Davis   

The voice is a powerful tool; the way we speak can influence the way others see us and also how we feel about ourselves. As such, developing clear, confident speech through voice coaching may be viewed as a valuable life skill.

Voice coaching can help those who wish to communicate more effectively in professional, business and social situations, speak with more impact and authority and/or soften an accent. Books and home study courses are available, or you could attend one to one sessions with a voice coach.

Voice coaches employ practical techniques to empower the voice and cultivate vocal skills. Good posture and deep, relaxed breathing can profoundly affect voice production, so you might start by addressing these issues.

A vocal warm up will involve vowel and consonant practice, possibly in the form of tongue twisters, to flex the mouth, lips and lower jaw. Voice coaching exercises such as script reading are also used to improve pace, intonation, pitch, expressiveness and vocal range.

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