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Written by Catherine Davis   

fencing.jpgFencing is a fast, athletic sport that combines physical and mental challenges with a dash of glamour as opponents pit themselves against one another.

As well as dexterity, quick wits and stamina are required and fencers need to be completely focussed to anticipate the other's next moves.

This emphasis on speed, skill and guile rather than strength means that women compete equally with men.

Many people enjoy the individuality of fencing, where success in a competition depends solely on one's own merits. There is also an aesthetic pleasure to be had in performing and perfecting disciplined actions and in studying the theory and language of the sport. It's for this reason that fencing is known as the European martial art.

Learning swordplay moves and techniques develops flexibility, coordination and balance, and makes fencing a great way to keep fit for all ages and abilities.

Fencing is safe provided it is supervised by a qualified teacher and the proper clothing and equipment is used. The membership fee charged by most fencing clubs usually covers the cost of tuition and kit hire, although you may ultimately wish to buy your own.

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