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Feng Shui
Written by Catherine Davis   

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is based on the belief that the environments we live and work in can influence our quality of life.

Feng shui practitioners claim that the atmosphere of places and buildings can affect our thoughts, emotions and behaviour in the same way as other external factors like lunar cycles, the weather and the seasons.

The Chinese understanding of 'chi' is central to feng shui. It holds that the positive energy that flows through the universe can be harnessed via colour, directions, symbols and the placement of objects. In this way, feng shui principles can help us achieve harmony with our environment and improve health, wealth and personal relationships.

In practical terms, feng shui explores the effect of building and interior designs, furniture layout and imagery. A feng shui consultant will advise on matters such as lighting, art work, mirrors, indoor plants and electrical equipment, and suggest changes that can benefit the home or office.

For more information, check out feng shui books and web sites. Short introductory courses and seminars are also available.

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