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Written by Catherine Davis   

calligraphy.jpgCalligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Characters are formed with precise, bold yet fluid strokes which are harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Calligraphy is commonly used in graphic design, typography and for inscriptions on formal invitations, presentation certificates and memorial or religious documents. A classical discipline with its roots in ancient culture, calligraphy continues to develop to this day. As a form of fine or abstract art, it encourages the use of colour and/or cursive lettering to produce new and original styles.

One of the beauties of calligraphy is that almost anyone can flourish; application and attention to detail are more important than artistic talent. Furthermore, you will be using and practising your skills every time you write.

An absorbing and rewarding hobby, all you need to get started is a pencil or pen and some paper. Specialist books will help you to master basic techniques. Manuscript calligraphy sets are also widely available for both right and left handers.

Celebrity Calligrapher: Humphrey Lyttleton

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