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Life Coaches
Written by Catherine Davis   

Life coaches aim to help individuals identify their personal and/or professional goals and then develop strategies and action plans to achieve them.

These goals may include career progression, job fulfilment, improved relationships with family, friends and partners, or a more general desire to get 'sorted', re-evaluate priorities, change the balance of one's life or deal with life's changes.

The role of a life coach is that of facilitator. They don't provide the answers, but rather ask questions and offer objective feedback, insights and guidance to enable the individual to find the answers for themselves.

In this way, life coaching encourages the person to step back from their situation, reach a better understanding of themselves and find a new way forward by changing their patterns of thought and behaviour.

Life coaches can thus help the individual gain the clarity and confidence to work through the issues that are holding them back and empower them to make decisions that will lead towards a happier, more productive life.

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