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Art Appreciation
Written by Catherine Davis   

Sometimes, when we visit an art gallery or exhibition, we can be left wondering what all the fuss is about and the feeling that we just don't 'get it'. A course in art appreciation could be the answer.

Art appreciation is just that – appreciation. It doesn't mean we have to like everything we see, but rather demystifies the subject by equipping us to form our own opinions.

Whether classical or modern, all artists draw of their 'time'; their output is shaped by personal, cultural and historical influences. Learning about the life of an artist, the inspiration for their work and the context in which it was created can give us a fresh insight into what they wished to convey. The same holds true for aesthetic movements, where knowledge of the themes, styles and trends of a period can enhance our appreciation of art.

Doing this sort of research also empowers the eye. Exploring the ideas behind the art sharpens our visual, critical and analytical faculties and engenders new ways of looking and understanding. As such, a course in art appreciation can take us on a stimulating and enjoyable journey of discovery.

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