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Going to the Cinema
Written by Catherine Davis   

Going to the cinema is a great way to take time out from every day life and 'visit' other worlds – different countries and cultures, the past and the future.

Cinema can thrill, entrance and delight, make you laugh out loud or reduce you to tears. Whatever your tastes – adventure, romance, comedy, horror or science fiction, cinema has it all. And of course, going to the cinema is the chance to watch your favourite movie stars in action.

Such are modern cinema's sophisticated techniques and special effects that most films are best appreciated on the big screen; and the arrival of 3D into the mainstream will make a trip to the cinema even more engaging.

But going to the cinema is about more than just watching movies. It's an outing with family or friends where you can relax, socialise and share an experience - which also makes it ideal for a first date.

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