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Learning a Language
Written by Catherine Davis   

Learning a language is a challenging and rewarding pursuit that offers the opportunity for personal growth, self improvement and greater insight into countries, peoples and cultures.

With time, patience and application, you can acquire a practical, attractive skill that can broaden your horizons and open up new possibilities

As an intellectual exercise, learning a language stimulates the mind, expands the scope of one's knowledge and vocabulary and builds memory capacity.

Learning a language may enhance job prospects and help to further your career. It also makes for more interesting travel experiences, since being able to communicate in the language of a country enables a deeper understanding of its culture.

Among the most popular foreign languages to learn in the UK at the moment are Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

Learning a language can be easily fitted into a daily routine, you can listen to lessons while commuting, exercising or doing other things.

You can teach yourself with the aid of podcasts, audio books or computer software, or if you prefer, attend evening classes. There are also websites where you can practice and converse with other people who are also learning the language.

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