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Activism Boosts Wellbeing
Written by Mark Millard   

Activism, getting involved in and standing up for things you value and believe in, may actually be good for your wellbeing. 

Research positive psychologists Malte Klar & Tim Kasser suggests that:


Activists are happier than non-activists Activists feel happier & more fulfilled - upto a point - extreme activism (likely to result in arrest) was not associated with higher levels of happiness.

Activism may lead to happiness When people who were not activists engaged in a brief bit of activism they subsequently felt more energised and alive than those who engaged in a similar non-activist task.


Source: Klar, M., & Kasser, T. (2009). Some Benefits of Being an Activist: Measuring Activism and Its Role in Psychological Well-Being. Political Psychology, 30 (5), 755-777

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