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Making Love
Written by Catherine Davis   

Making love has a range of positive effects that can enhance our sense of well being.

Making love with a caring partner makes us feel wanted and desirable, which can do wonders for our body image and self esteem. Making love on a regular basis also sustains intimacy, which contributes towards maintaining a long term relationship – which has in turn been linked to longevity in both men and women.

Making love causes changes in our hormones that promote happiness and good health. After love making , the body releases endorphins, the brain chemicals that improve mood. As such, it can relieve stress, anxiety and depression and aid restful sleep.

Making love may also boost our immunity. When we feel good about ourselves, our bodies fight off illness and disease better, so the healthier we are psychologically and emotionally, the healthier we are physically.

And making love is also a great form of physical exercise - it burns calories, improves overall fitness and it's more fun than going to the gym!

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