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Morris Dancing
Written by Catherine Davis   

If you're looking for an unusual hobby, a social activity or simply the chance to cavort in public places, then why not join a troupe of morris dancers?

Morris dancing is a traditional English folk ritual to celebrate the coming of Spring, with origins dating back to the fifteenth century.

You may be familiar with the spectacle: dancers dressed in colourful costumes decorated with bells, ribbons, flowers and feathers, waving handkerchiefs and sticks as they step in time to music provided by a pipe, fiddle, accordion or drum.

Friendly and good natured, morris dancing brings together people from all walks of life who meet up regularly to practice and perform at festivals.

Morris dancing is a reinvented tradition with many regional variations. Today it is enjoyed by men and women around the world with more than a thousand troupes across Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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