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Table Tennis
Written by Catherine Davis   

Also known as ping pong, table tennis originated as an English Victorian parlour game and is now an Olympic sport.

Table tennis involves two or four players hitting a small, lightweight ball across a table divided by a net. The pace of the game can vary from slow serves with spin to smashes of up to 70 miles (112.5 kilometres) per hour. As such, and like other racket sports, table tennis develops quick reflexes and hand to eye coordination.

Simple to learn yet difficult to master, table tennis is enjoyed by all ages at social and competitive levels. It's great for general health and fitness, providing a physical workout whilst being easy on the body.

Table tennis can exercise the mind too; tactics and strategy come into play on court, which helps to keep the brain alert. This means that table tennis can become a life long sport, in which there's always a new challenge to look forward to and the chance to continue improving your game.

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