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Playing Drums
Written by Catherine Davis   

Playing the drums can be a stimulating and absorbing hobby. As well as being a form of self expression, it presents the challenge of learning creative and technical skills such as music reading and hand/foot co-ordination.

You can learn to play drums with the help of a teacher, book or DVD, or take advantage of all the free drum lessons available online.

You may want to start out with a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad (which simulates the bounce of a real drum,) before buying a kit. The first steps are learning how to hold the sticks properly, something of a knack in itself, and then playing progressively more complex beats. A metronome will help you to count time and develop your sense of rhythm. As with other musical instruments, practice is the key to success.

Having mastered the basics and depending on your musical taste, you may want to try different styles – rock or jazz drums, or shuffle beats. And with electronic drum kits noise and space are not the issues they once were. You could also think about joining or forming a band.

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