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Written by Catherine Davis   

If you're overweight, sensible slimming brings health benefits which can enhance physical and personal well being, nurture self confidence and improve quality of life.

The only proven way to successful slimming is to consume fewer calories and burn more off through exercise. Here are a few slimming suggestions:

Eat small, regular meals and make sure that your diet is balanced, varied and nutritious. Set yourself realistic short and long term slimming goals. If you want to lose a stone for instance, aim to shift 2 lbs a week. Weigh yourself at the same time each week and on reaching your slimming target, reward yourself with a treat of the non edible kind.

Try to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine by walking or cycling to work, taking up an active hobby or participating in a sport. Doing any sort of exercise increases the metabolism. After thirty minutes of regular exercise, your metabolic rate can take up to one hour to return to normal, so you get ninety minutes of calorie burning for only thirty minutes exercise. Exercise also helps to stave off cravings and even a brief period of activity can suppress hunger pangs.

Physical activity also helps to create a positive body image, which makes us feel better about ourselves, which may in turn encourage us to keep up new dietary habits and maintain weight loss.

For support and motivation, it may help to join a slimming group or club.

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