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Written by Catherine Davis   

AyurvedaAn ancient Indian holistic medical system, ayurveda roughly translates as 'knowledge or science of life.'

Ayurveda is built on the principle that each of us has a unique constitution determined by the balance of three vital energies in the body called 'doshas', and the key to physical, mental and spiritual well being is to keep these energies in harmony.

According to ayurveda, factors such as different stages of life, the seasons and the environment in which we live and work can all have a significant impact on our health. Ayurveda aims to prevent problems before they occur and guide us in the art of living wisely so that we can continue in a state of equilibrium.

During an individual assessment, the ayurvedic practitioner will ask about family history and health and examine skin, hair, nails and tongue. They will then give lifestyle and dietary advice and may prescribe a variety of treatments to meet personal needs including herbal remedies, yoga, exercise, massage and meditation.

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