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Names & Jobs - nominative determinism
Written by Mark Millard   

People picking careers related their names, for example:

Box Brothers undertakers
Cardinal Sin archbishop
Frank Fish expert on the biomechanics of flippers
Dave Freeman author of 100 thing to do before you die
Jon Haidt moral philosopher
Sir Igor Judge judge
Lucy Locksmith locksmith
Lauren Order policewoman
Chris Peacock fireman
Prof. Reason psychologist
R Singh & Co builders - tried the cowboys? Now try the Indians
Marina Stepanova hurdler
Patty Turner wife of McDonalds CEO Frank Turner
Robin Bastard antiques dealer
Wright Hassell solicitors
William Wordsworth poet

Carl Jung in his work on Synchronicity wondered 'Are these whimsicalities of chance or are they meaningful coincidences?'.

One theory is that because people are primed to like their own names they are naturally attracted to things that sound similar. Which may explain the many dentists called Dennis and lawyers called Lawrence.

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