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Positivity Offset
Written by Mark Millard   

The Positivity Offset is the tendency for most people, most of the time to be in a moderately positive state of mind.

In response to a question such as 'On a scale of 0, worst possible life to 10, best possible life, what best describes your life right now?' the usual answer is about a 7 - more positive than negative, but still in the hunt for some extra wellbeing.

Surveys show that health, wealth and other life circumstances appear to have relatively little effect on people's satisfaction levels, the answer still tends to come back around the 7. And over time people's scores tend to move back towards the 7, regardless of the triumphs or traumas they experience in life.

One advantage of having moderately positive as a default setting is that it keeps us poised to pursue our own wellbeing.

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