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Written by Catherine Davis   

If you're looking for a new way to keep fit, stay in shape - and possibly vent some frustrations in the process - you could try kickboxing.

A relatively new sport, kickboxing is a fusion of traditional martial arts and boxing where participants jump, kick, punch and block their opponent's moves.

Kickboxing blends a full body aerobic workout with simple but effective self defence techniques where the emphasis is on accuracy, speed and power.

As such, kickboxing channels both physical and mental strengths and can be effective in combating stress.

Kickboxer training builds stamina, flexibility and coordination, boosts energy levels and improves focus. The combination of learning new skills, meeting new people and looking and feeling healthier means that kickboxing can also make for a more positive, confident and motivated state of mind.

Kickboxing is accessible to all ages and levels of fitness. Students train at their own pace wearing the requisite protective gear.

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