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Career Change
Written by Catherine Davis   

For some people, career change results from a desire to improve their circumstances; for others, it is a product of circumstance. Either way, career change can be viewed as the opportunity to shape a new and more rewarding working life.

Start by asking yourself what you really want from your future career. What did you like and dislike about your previous position? Do you want a related job in the same industry or a complete change of direction? It may help to write down your answers so that you can analyse them more clearly.

Think about what motivates you as a person and then identify a career that matches your main skills and interests – both in and outside the workplace. Remember there's a wide range of jobs out there and some of the most successful career changes come out of pursuing a hobby.

Stay realistic when assessing your options and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. That way you can see the areas in which you need to improve to achieve your aspirations.

Determine what you have to do to get a job in your chosen field. Then develop an action plan to make it happen. What courses, training or work experience will provide you with the requisite skills and qualifications?

Research as much as possible into the sector you want to join. Attend conferences or networking events; talk to people who are currently in the job you want to do; keep up to date with the latest developments. Make yourself a potential employer's most attractive prospect by proving that you're motivated and informed.

There are plenty of organisations that offer practical help and support for career changers. You could attend a group workshop or if you prefer, get free, impartial one to one advice from a careers adviser. Alternatively, a career coach can help you to define your goals and then guide and facilitate progress towards them.

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