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Circuit Training
Written by Catherine Davis   

Circuit training is a time efficient fitness format that is varied and physically challenging, and may be structured to provide a full body workout.

A circuit consists of six to ten exercises which are completed one after another with little or no rest in between. Each is performed for a specific time or number of repetitions. Strength exercises are combined with aerobic endurance to work all the major muscles and build stamina, speed, agility and cardiovascular fitness.

Circuit training is a versatile approach and programs can be tailored to meet individual objectives, whether sports specific or simply getting into shape. Circuit training is suitable for all ages and abilities because you set your own goals and progress at your own pace, and meeting your targets can be a great confidence booster.

Neither are you confined to a gym. Circuit training can be adapted to any size of workout area and performed indoors or outdoors in a local park.

Joining a circuit training class is a great way to get started and keep motivated. Whilst developing technique under the supervision of an instructor, you can also enjoy the team spirit and social atmosphere of a group exercise activity.

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