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Written by Catherine Davis   

A stimulating and absorbing hobby, sculpting is the creation of three dimensional artwork by various techniques.

Sculpting traditionally involves carving stone, shaping wood, modelling clay, moulding plaster or casting metals. Constructed sculpture, where subjects are assembled from scrap or 'found' materials, is a 20th century development which emerged with Picasso and is now a major stream in modern art. Contemporary sculpture may also involve the use of acrylics and other plastics, substances such as ice, sand, wax and soap, and even organic matter like chocolate, butter, fruit and vegetables.

With its wide choice of methods and materials, sculpting presents almost infinite scope for imagination, individuality and self expression, and the physical and mental act of sculpting can be a therapeutic process.

Attending a sculpting class, course or workshop will give you a grounding in basic principles and the opportunity to explore different approaches. You may choose to create sculpture that is classical, figurative or realistic in style, or experiment with more abstract projects.

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