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Needlecraft & Embroidery
Written by Catherine Davis   

The term needlecraft refers to decorative sewing handicrafts such as embroidery and tapestry or needlepoint, where different stitching techniques are employed using thread or yarn.

Needlecraft is as old as clothing itself - samples of embroidery have been found in Egyptian tombs, on ancient Maori dress in New Zealand and on Medieval church vestments - and its appeal continues to this day.

A constructive and rewarding pastime, needlecraft can be used to create pictures and wall hangings, decorate clothing and embellish domestic items like cushion covers and tablecloths. You can also make unique, personal gifts for family and friends.

Cross stitch is a popular form of needlecraft for beginners because it's versatile and easy to learn. Having mastered that, you might try variations like long stitch, blackwork, hardanger or crewel work, which is embroidery using fine wool.

There are plenty of books and magazines to help you get started, or you could go along to a needlecraft course or workshop.

Needlecraft kits, materials and accessories are available at craft and hobby shops and also on line.

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