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Playing Guitar
Written by Catherine Davis   

Playing a musical instrument is a stimulating and absorbing hobby, and the guitar is a popular choice. A form of personal development and self expression, playing guitar presents the challenge of learning creative and technical skills such as music reading and hand co-ordination.

Playing guitar could also lead to song writing or performing.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar; you don't need to have any special talent. Practice is the key to success, and you may need a little patience at first.

The guitar is used in a range of musical styles including rock and pop, heavy metal, jazz, blues and classical. You can learn to play on an electric or acoustic instrument.

Electric guitars are quicker and simpler for beginners since they have smaller bodies and necks and the strings are easier to press down and pluck.

Acoustic guitars can be strummed or played 'finger-style'. Although you don't have the bother of amps, cords and buttons, acoustic guitars are slightly more difficult to master. The easiest way to get a clear, loud sound is to play with a flat pick or plectrum.

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