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Rollerblading / Inline Skating
Written by Catherine Davis   

If you're looking for an exciting hobby, a new way to keep fit or simply a faster way of getting from A to B, then rollerblading could be for you.

Used on tarmac surfaces, rollerblades, or inline skates, have four sets of wheels set in a straight line. As with ice skating, balance is the key. Learning to rollerblade can take time and practice, which makes success all the more rewarding.

Once you've mastered rollerblading basics – how to bend the knees properly, skate in a straight line and (perhaps most importantly), stop – you may feel inspired to try more advanced rollerblading techniques and progress to doing tricks and stunts.

You should expect some falling over in the early stages and it's advisable to wear protective clothing. If you want to sample the sport before spending, you can hire a pair of rollerblades for the day.

Rollerblading is a great form of exercise, not least because it offers variety in terms of scenery and company. It also has all the health benefits of jogging without putting strain on the joints.

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