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Glass Blowing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Glass blowing is an unusual and creative craft that has a little bit of magic about it. The process involves transforming molten or softened glass into shapes and vessels by blowing air into it through a pipe.

There are a range of short glass blowing courses and workshops where you can explore the basics. These include how to collect or 'gather' the semi liquid glass from the furnace, and shaping and blowing with the use of various tools (which haven't, incidentally, changed much in over 2,000 years).

You can also learn how to decorate the glass with different colours and engraving, sandblasting and polishing techniques.

Glass blowing enables you to make your own unique and original pieces of art in the form of vases, tumblers, bowls and paperweights, and you could also try your hand at making glass beads.

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