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My Wellbeing - personal results & comparisons   free login

Once you've completed the wellbeing questionnaire you'll get your personal results

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The profile helps you see how you're doing in different areas of your life, explore patterns or trends, focus on specific aims or goals, compare your scores to other people's and track changes over time.

Get Personal Results & Comparisons

Your profile contains two sets of scores:

Raw Scores These are based just on the answers you gave and show how your wellbeing levels vary in different areas of your life

Percentile Scores These show how your answers compare with the comparison groups you belong to

Create Your Own Groups

Everyone's a member of the Everyone Group, so we can all see how our wellbeing levels compare with the overall average. However, you can also create your own wellbeing groups and choose which ones you want to compare yourself with.

You can join public groups open to all or even create private groups of your own friends or colleagues to pool results and work on your wellbeing together:

Public Groups Groups with an open invitation that anyone can join, like people who are into particular activities

Private Groups Groups you create yourself and invite people to join - like friends, workmates or team members

Your personal profile includes the results of all the wellbeing groups you belong to.

So you can put the scores side by side & see how they stack up.


Create Your Own Group To create your own wellbeing group please contact us
We will provide a complimentary code for a group of up to 10 people for free.

Create a Wellbeing Survey If you want to survey more than 10 people please see the item on our wellbeing surveys
or contact us directly.


Wellbeing Groups: Confidentiality & Anonymity

Your personal scores remain confidential when you join or create a wellbeing group, they are simply combined with everyone else's to form one, anonymous, average for the whole group.

it's free for personal use