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Salsa Dancing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Characterised by passion and sensuality, salsa dancing is a fusion of Latin American and Caribbean styles.

Salsa dancing is usually performed with a partner and is a 'spot' dance - rather than travel across the floor couples stay in their own space, circling around each other and changing places. Danced to the rapid beat pattern of African percussion rhythms, salsa really does keep you on your toes!

Anyone can learn to salsa dance. It attracts all ages, has a lively social scene and is ideal for meeting new people. Evocative and life affirming, salsa dancing can also lift the spirits as you listen to the music, forget your worries and focus on your moves.

Salsa dancing gives a good body work out and with regular practice, you'll feel fitter and firmer quite quickly. As an aerobic exercise, it benefits the cardiovascular system, burns calories and helps you stay in shape.

Like other forms of dance, salsa improves body awareness, posture, flexibility, mobility and coordination, and can be a great confidence builder.

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