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Ballroom Dancing
Written by Catherine Davis   

Ballroom dancing comprises a set of formal partner dances – namely the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep and Viennese waltz. It may also include Latin American styles such as the cha cha, rumba, Paso Doble and jive.

 Ballroom dancing is popular in both social and competitive settings, and as a form of entertainment it is widely watched on stage and screen.

The enduring appeal of ballroom dancing may be connected with its qualities of romance, elegance and grace. In competition, dancers are judged not only on their posture, pace and timing but also on presentation and grooming, and costumes are an integral part of the spectacle.

Ballroom dancing offers the thrill of performance and the chance to meet new people and fresh physical challenges. While the moves may appear easy and effortless, they require focus and precision and mastering them can bring a real sense of accomplishment. There is plenty of scope for development through beginner, intermediate and advanced ballroom dancing classes, with the opportunity to win medals and trophies.

Like other dance forms, ballroom dancing is also an aerobic activity which can help you to get into shape and stay supple. It can also improve self confidence and social skills.

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