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Flower Arranging
Written by Catherine Davis   

Flower arranging is a relaxing, creative hobby that offers personal satisfaction and artistic enjoyment.

You can use fresh flowers and foliage from your own garden or a shop or for long lasting displays, dried or silk.

Flower arranging is a skill that anyone can master. A flower arranging class or workshop will teach you the basic principles, traditional and contemporary designs and techniques and possibly Ikebana, a Japanese style defined by simplicity of line and form.

Flower arranging gives plenty of scope for the imagination, and you can go on to create your own unique pieces taking inspiration from nature and the changing seasons.

Shape, colour and texture can all be explored to produce original displays which add the finishing touch to a special occasion or simply beautify an every day environment.

To make your arrangements more personal still, you may wish to learn something of the language of flowers. The carnation is said to represent bonds of affection, health and energy for instance, the fern sincerity and the chrysanthemum cheerfulness and friendship.

Flower arranging can also be a social and competitive hobby with an active network of clubs, societies, exhibitions and events.

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