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Written by Catherine Davis   

Judo is a Japanese martial art and combat sport, practised as a recreational or competitive activity, a fitness regime and a form of self defence training.

Judo teaches throwing and grappling techniques that require skill, speed, timing and efficiency of movement. The word judo translates as 'the gentle way' and judo players or 'judoka' seek to use their opponent's force against him or her rather than meet them head on.

Judo is a cardiovascular exercise that builds strength and stamina. It also improves flexibility, posture, balance and coordination and above all, sharpens mind/body reactions.

Practised regularly, judo also cultivates physical and mental discipline, self control and concentration. Progression through the ranks enhances confidence and self esteem, and the nature of the judo grading system provides a series of achievable goals.

Like other martial arts, judo is underpinned by ethical principles that offer moral guidance for daily living. Judo places emphasis on etiquette which instils respect for the self and others, courtesy and modesty, and encourages the individual to strive for perfection so that they can contribute something of value to the world.

Famous judoka include Russian Vladimir Putin and Britain William Hague, both quite handy in a political brawl.

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