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Birdman Rallys & Flugtags
Written by Mark Millard   

Birdman rallys and flutags give you the opportunity to design your own human-powered flying machine, dress up in a crazy costume, fling yourself off the end of a pier and see how far you can fly.

Birdman rallys are tests of aeronautical ingenuity (there's usually a prize for the longest flight), highly entertaining (where else will you see the Red Baron take on a flying pig?) and great fundraisers for charity.

The first competition to really take off was the International Bognor Birdman in 1971, and it continues to this day. In Worthing. But not all birdmen can make it to Bognor, so birdman has gone to them and birdman rallys and flugtags have started up all over the world. There may be one near you.

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