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Historical Re-enactment
Written by Catherine Davis   

Historical reenactment combines roleplay with historical knowledge and appreciation. If you have a particular interest in historical events or a particular era, the chances are there's a group of people who share it. A wide range of societies exist where enthusiasts come together to re-enact history and bring the past to life.

Gladiators and uniformed legionnaires recreate Ancient Rome, jousting knights compete in Medieval tournaments and the armies of the English and American Civil Wars still march into battle on a regular basis.

Along with mock combat and military displays, historical re-enactment groups often recreate the social aspects of an era. They may involve entertainments like banquets and festivals where traditional food is eaten, music is played on period instruments and old crafts, skills and activities are preserved and passed on.

Historical re-enactment groups attract people from all walks of life and have a great social scene. For some, they offer the chance to dress up in costume and put on a public performance. For others, historical re-enactment groups are the opportunity to become immersed in history and experience something of how life once was as authentically as possible.

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