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Interior Design
Written by Catherine Davis   

The physical environments in which we live and work can have a significant effect on how we think, feel and behave. Interior design can improve these spaces, making them both more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

While you may choose to consult an interior designer, doing it yourself can be enjoyable and rewarding, as well as saving you money. It's also an opportunity to create rooms, homes or workspaces that reflects your own style and personality. Here are a few ideas:

Declutter Start by getting rid of unwanted clutter to create more space and a clean palette
Shop for Inspiration Visit show homes, show rooms, furniture stores, design museums, exhibitions, boutiques, hotels & galleries for décor and furnishing ideas
 Check out Looks In books, magazines & interior design web sites
 Hunt for Bargains In charity shops, markets, car boot sales, auctions & online
 Revamp & Retask Make new covers for sofas, chairs & cushions. Strip, paint, polish or decorate tired items.  Retask, put old things to new uses
 Create Illusions Use mirrors and lighting to create space and change ambience.  Use plants and flowers to soften & fragrance.

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