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Written by Catherine Davis   

Paintballing is a fast paced,action packed game of survival where players hunt and shoot each other with marble sized balls filled with paint and fired from a semi automatic field gun.

Paintballing is usually a contest between two teams, each with an appointed captain. The objective of paintballing is to eliminate opponents by splattering them and complete a mission like capturing a flag or protecting a 'VIP'. All of which involves strategic thinking and military style teamwork, as well as being quick on your feet to dodge exploding paintballs.

The most popular version of paintballing, sometimes known as 'woodsball', takes place in forested areas where the terrain and limited field of vision make for a range of paintball scenarios. You could find yourself in an ambush, hiding in a bunker, spying on the enemy from on high or making an assault on a fortified position. Weather conditions can also add to the paintballing challenge.

You'll be kitted out with a protective mask and goggles when you arrive at the paintballing venue, along with the necessary equipment and camouflage gear.

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