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Written by Catherine Davis   

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game using Global Positioning (GPS) receivers. A geocacher hides their cache at a location, which can be anywhere in the world, and then posts its GPS coordinates onto a web site for another geocacher to seek out.

A cache is basically a waterproof box containing a log book and pen so that the finder can record their discovery and perhaps their exploits along the way. It may also contain treasure of some sort – a toy, trinket, book or CD.

An intriguing outdoor adventure, geocaching is a pursuit that exercises body and brain. Geocaching may also take you to unusual, remote or scenic places that you wouldn't otherwise have visited.

Geocache sites can be on, above or below ground. You might be hunting a cache the size of a film cannister or a large sealed bucket. Geocaching can be a challenge, requiring a long hike, climbing or diving equipment, or it may simply add interest to a countryside or urban walk.

Geocaching is a pastime with flexible rules, but if a geocacher takes an item, they are requested to leave something of similar value behind for the next person to find.

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