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Race Walking
Written by Catherine Davis   

Race walking involves walking as far as possible whilst maintaining regular stride patterns and following a strict technique. In race walking, either of the feet must be in continuous contact with the ground and the advancing leg must be straight, not bent at the knee, from the moment of contact until it passes under the body.

Although race walking is an athletic event in National and International championships, you don't need to be competitive or particularly fit to take it up. You set your own race walking pace and gradually build up speed and distance if you want to. All you need is some decent sports shoes.

Race walking has all the benefits of cardiovascular and aerobic exercise and may assist in weight loss. Regular race walking can help to maintain healthy bones, improve muscle tone in the legs and give a good upper body workout. Furthermore, since it has less impact on the joints than running for example, race walking is accessible to all ages and some walkers continue into their seventies.

Finally, whether you cover one mile or a hundred, race walking is a great way to raise money for charity.

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