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Written by Catherine Davis   

Karate is a Japanese martial art and form of self defence training. In unarmed combat, karate practitioners (karateka) focus primarily on striking, kicking and blocking.

Karate is based on certain cultural codes of conduct. It emphasises good etiquette and respect, with fighting skills being used as a last resort.

Karate training requires discipline, concentration and commitment and promotes both physical and personal development. It improves general health and fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and bodily awareness.

With its traditional links to qualities such as perseverance, fearlessness and leadership, karate can also help to build confidence and self esteem. Through regular practice, karate students may enhance their sense of well being and gain a more focussed approach to daily life.

There are karate classes to suit all ages and levels of ability, where students progress through grades denoted by colour of belt. Opportunities exist to enter club and regional events and national and international competitions.

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