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Crossword Puzzles
Written by Catherine Davis   

Clue: W O R L (5, 7, 3) Answer: See end of article.

Crossword puzzles have an enduring appeal for people of all ages as a way to exercise and engage the brain and pit your wits against the crossword setter. The enjoyment comes from testing your knowledge and reasoning and playing word games to solve clues - and successfully completing a crossword puzzle can bring no small degree of satisfaction.

Although they can overlap, crossword puzzles are usually classified as general knowledge, quick or concise and cryptic, and many offer the chance to enter competitions.

While straight crossword clues tend to work on one level, cryptic clues are puzzles in themselves, employing anagrams, puns and other forms of wordplay. Learning how to interpret these clues can take some practice – although if you do the same crossword puzzle on a regular basis, you may start to recognise how a particular setter's mind works! And ultimately, if you're very keen, you could have a go at compiling your own.

Answer: World without end.

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