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Visiting Volcanoes
Written by Catherine Davis   

Volcanoes have always been surrounded by myth and legend, and their sheer force and beauty continues to fascinate.

The word 'volcano' comes from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire. In ancient times, people believed that a small island off Sicily called Vulcano was the chimney of his forge and that its eruptions of molten rock, cinders and ash were evidence of his weapon making.

Of the 2,000 volcanoes around the world, 50 – 60 erupt every year in regions of Greece, Italy, Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Africa. Touring volcanic areas not only allows you to explore spectacular landscapes - mountains, craters and lava lakes - but perhaps witness one of the most awesome natural events on Earth.

Walking and study trips may appeal to those interested in geology, natural history or photography. Moderate and more challenging treks and camping expeditions are also available.

For personal safety, remember that all active volcanoes are dangerous and should only be approached with an experienced guide.

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