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Belly Dancing
Written by Catherine Davis   

One of the beauties of belly dancing, or Middle Eastern dance as it's also known, is that anyone can do it.

Being more 'natural' than other dance forms, belly dancing accommodates all ages and levels of fitness and attracts all sorts of people (mostly women, it has to be said!). Size and shape don't matter; focus is on the hips and lower back and the width of your waist makes no difference.

Energising and uplifting or graceful and sensual, belly dancing incorporates a variety of styles and encourages creative freedom. You can choose to perform traditional belly dance moves or go ahead and develop your own. Whether or not you wear the 'bedlah' costume of a two piece, beads and sequins, you may come to see yourself in a whole new light.

You'll also be getting all the benefits of aerobic exercise. Belly dancing improves flexibility, mobility and posture, strengthens the joints and tones the body by working a wide range of muscles. The legs, bottom and arms will become more shapely and the waist will pull in as the 'obliques' (the diagonal muscles from ribs to hip) firm up.

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