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Good Posture
Written by Catherine Davis   

The posture we adopt affects how others see us, especially where first impressions are concerned. As well as sending out confident, positive body language, good posture makes us look taller, slimmer, and consequently more attractive.

Good posture also has considerable health benefits. Proper structural alignment lengthens the spine and allows the body to function efficiently. It optimises breathing and circulation, increases flexibility, prevents strain on the muscles and joints and relieves tension. In doing so, good posture can alleviate common ailments such as backache and neck pain.

Correct posture involves training the body to stand, sit, move and perform tasks in a way that maintains proportion and balance. The back and head should be held erect, the shoulders straight, the chest forward and stomach tucked in, with weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Regular stretching and strengthening exercises will help to improve posture, and disciplines like yoga, pilates and tai chi are excellent for developing poise and bodily awareness. As such, they can lead to good posture becoming a natural disposition.

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