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Self Defence
Written by Catherine Davis   

Self defence techniques employ non physical and, as a last resort, physical measures to improve personal safety.

Learning how to be aware of and avoid potentially dangerous situations is a top priority. Assertiveness and strong body language are also key factors in self defence; the person who 'walks tall' whilst taking notice of their surroundings will look confident and less vulnerable.

Self defence classes focus on managing conflicts and resolving them peacefully, but when confrontation can't be averted they teach techniques that empower the individual to take control.

Many people take up martial arts such as tae kwon do and karate as a means of protection. Combat sports are excellent for building fitness, flexibility, stamina and most of all confidence, as well as developing a range of self defence skills.

Close, direct contact with the 'attacker' is an integral part of martial arts training, but there is more to these disciplines than punches and blocks. Martial arts teach you how to remain calm whilst under immense stress. They can also help you to channel your aggression should need arise.

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