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Cheese Rolling
Written by Catherine Davis   

Cheese rolling is a unique and truly bizarre event that takes place annually at Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire, England, on Spring Bank Holiday Monday. The age old tradition of cheese rolling may have been started by the Romans or Ancient Britons (probably after they'd had a couple).

The object of cheese rolling is very simple. A bunch of people hurl themselves down a steep hill in hot pursuit of a 7lb Double Gloucester cheese and the first to reach the bottom wins the cheese (although he or she may need some medical treatment before being able to claim the prize).

The precipitous slope has a gradient of 1 in 1 in places, so some serious tumbling takes place. Added to which a wayward 7lb cheese travelling at speed has been known to injure members of the crowd.

Despite the inherent risks, cheese rolling is loads of fun for competitors and spectators alike and has begun to spark International interest especially among Koreans.

Cheese rolling is a charitable event which relies on volunteers (especially St John Ambulance), so give generously of your time and/or money.

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