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Home Composting
Written by Catherine Davis   

Home composting recycles organic kitchen and garden waste and helps to protect the environment by reducing pollution and landfill. By producing a material rich in nutrients, home composting also makes for better quality soil and healthier plants.

Home composting is easy to do and requires little time or effort. You can build your own box or heap or buy one of the range of compost bins on the market. This should be placed on a level, well drained site which will allow excess water to drain and let the worms in to start breaking down the contents.

The key to home composting is to try and get a good balance of ingredients. Things like old flowers, grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable scraps and tea bags are quick to rot and will activate the process. Others, like egg boxes, scrunched up paper and cardboard tubes are slower and allow air pockets to form. Meat, fish, dog waste and nappies should never be put on a compost heap.

When the mixture has turned into a dark brown, earthy smelling material - which may take between six and nine months – your home compost is ready.

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