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Saving Water at Home
Written by Catherine Davis   

There are plenty of measures that you can take to save money and make your home more ecologically friendly and help to protect the environment. Here are some suggestions on saving water:

1. Fix leaky taps and make sure they're completely switched off.

2. Only boil the amount of water that you need.

3. Try to use the half load or economy programmes on washing machines and dish washers.

4. Put a flush saver or brick in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water used in each flush.

5. Collect rainwater in a water butt for use in the garden. Along with bath water, this can even be filtered and re-used in the house.

6. Avoid wasting hot water by not setting the cylinder thermostat above 60 deg C or 140F.

7. Solar hot water heating is one of the most cost effective technologies available. Once installed, up to 70 percent of your annual hot water requirement can be met by this technology.

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