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Written by Catherine Davis   

OrienteeringOrienteering is an outdoor adventure that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or fitness. The activity involves navigating between checkpoints using a compass and a special purpose map.

Orienteering is usually done on foot, but there are other disciplines including mountain bike orienteering, ski orienteering and le TREC, which is orienteering on horseback.

Orienteering can be as leisurely or demanding as you choose; you set your own pace, be it walking, jogging or running. The terrain can also present a greater or lesser challenge, ranging from wild, remote woodland to city parks.

As well as being a great way to keep fit in the fresh air, orienteering entails reading the map and the landscape. As such, it provides both physical and mental exercise. Orienteering is also a social pursuit that you can take up with family and friends.

At a competitive level, orienteering can be very intensive, requiring stamina, skill and concentration.

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