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Go Karting
Written by Catherine Davis   

go karting.jpgGo karting is an adrenalin fuelled motor sport that takes place on in or outdoor circuits. Fast, challenging and competitive, it can be great fun whatever your driving experience.

Races are between individuals, teams or against the clock on tracks of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Long straights are designed for speed while others, being more technical, can really test your driving abilities.

Go karting sharpens reflexes and reactions. You'll need skill and nerve to negotiate sweeping bends and tricky chicanes in a vehicle that can accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in around four seconds and reach up to 85 mph. (A fully aerodynamic super kart can reach up to 160 mph.)

Go karting is also more strenuous than you might think, so be prepared to ache after a session. The sport develops upper body strength, endurance and stamina, and serious drivers have a good level of basic fitness.

Off road karting, which requires a tougher vehicle, provides an alternative to competitive racing.

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