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Book Collecting
Written by Catherine Davis   

There's a lot of satisfaction to be had from book collecting, whether for personal pleasure or profit.

Most book collectors or 'bibliophiles' base their collections on a favourite author, subject or genre. Otherwise books can be collected and organised in any number of ways – first editions of a modern writer for instance, or different editions of an enduring classic.

Books can also have a physical appeal and may be collected for their aesthetic qualities. A particular illustrator, binding, design or dust jacket can all enhance the appreciation of a book collection.

Monetary value varies according to changing tastes, supply and demand and above all, condition. The price of copies listed for sale on the internet will provide some indication of the current market.

As well as buying and selling on line, check out local auctions, book fairs and book stores, many of which specialise in out of print, used and antiquarian books. Although rare books can be expensive you don't need lots of cash to be a collector, and charity shops and car boot sales are always worth a rummage.

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