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Checkers / Draughts
Written by Catherine Davis   

Checkers (also known as draughts), is a board game of strategy and tactical skills. Checkers is played recreationally and competitively, face to face and also on line. Whilst there are several variations, the basic checkers format remains the same.

Two players start with 12 black or white pieces each, which are positioned on the 12 black squares nearest to them on a standard chess board.

They then take turns to move their pieces or 'men' and capture their opponent's men by jumping over them, which removes them from the board. If a player has the opportunity to take one or more pieces then they must do so, and a capturing move may thus consist of several jumps.

Checkers pieces can only move diagonally forwards until they reach the far edge of the board. They then become 'kings', which allows them to move backwards as well.

The player who takes all their opponent's men, or blocks them in so that they're unable to move, is the winner. If neither can accomplish this, the game is declared a draw. Such agreements are fairly common in checkers, especially at top level tournaments.

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